My obsession with grilled cheese started when I was a kid. Living on my own, this is always my go to meal if I’m in a rush or on the go. It’s quick, yummy and full of cheese. I started looking up so many recipes on Pinterest I had to start my own board just for grilled cheeses. You can check out my Pinterest account here: http://pinterest.com/ashleighannei/ 

While looking through sweet, salty and even stuffed mac and cheese grilled cheese, I decided to try a jalapeno popper one first.




  • 2 pieces of bread, any kind (I used a whole grain white)
  • butter, softened (enough to cover one side of each piece of bread)
  • 2 tbsp of cream cheese softened (I found it easiest to get a block and cut 3 to 4 thin pieces)
  • 4 to 6 pickled jalapenos, sliced, seeds taken out and patted dry
  • cheese slices (2) or any cheese you prefer (I used medium cheddar, shredded so it melts easier)

Cooking Directions:

1. Butter one side of each piece of bread

2. Spread the cream cheese or place the slices you cut on the non buttered side, then add in the sliced jalapenos, put cheese slices or shredded cheese on top then add on your last piece of bread, butter side up.

3. Heat up a large non stick frying pan on medium heat, add a tad of butter to get the golden brown finish, place sandwich in and cover with a lid to retain heat to help with the melting of the cheese, cook each side until desired temperature, cut in half and serve warm!

You can also check out the original website where I got this fabulous idea here:


Happy Eating ❤