Good morning! Happy Thursday ūüôā The past few days I have had my dog staying with me, usually he ends up with my parents due to my crazy work schedule, I work in retail, need I say more? So my lack of grocery shopping and motivations has been a bit of a problem these last few days.


I did managed to have my regular tea and cereal this morning for breakfast, and I just made a snack of celery, organic peanut butter and almonds to help tide me over until lunch time. It’s sad to say that working in retail I end up buying my lunch a lot of times, but i’m hoping with this blog I am able to cook more during my time off, so I have leftovers to take all week.¬†


I spent so much time on Pinterest last night scooping out new¬†recipes¬†that got me excited, and I came up with a pretty hefty grocery list. So after work tonight i’m hitting the local Fortino’s and I am going to¬†come¬†home with some great produce so I don’t have to spend money this weekend on food court lunches.

Pictures and blog to come if I end up¬†successfully¬†making anything tonight! Also don’t forgot you should sweat at least once a day, so try and hit the gym or do a yoga class to get yourself motivated and energized for the day ūüôā



Veggie Ash